• Ultra Low Current Driver ( ULCD 2.0 ) with Rocker switch, Led Display & 0-95 ohm sender

GAS IT ULCD 2.0 ( Ultra Low Current Device ) & 12 volt Rocker Switch, LED Contents Display with Switch and 0-95 ohm sender unit

The ULCD 2.0 is an Electronic Control Unit used to operate a GAS IT electric remote solenoid service valve as fitted in as an option in our GAS IT vapour tanks & GAS IT Plus bottles and the 9 LED display shows the gas contents in your GAS IT tank and the 12 Volt rocker Switch turns the gas on and off.

The ULCD 2.0 solves the problem of draining the vehicles battery when an electric outlet valve is fitted to a GAS IT tank or bottle because without our ULCD 2.0 the electric solenoid valve will draw a high current which over a short time could flatten the vehicles battery.  Our ULCD 2.0 works by reducing the Current / Voltage to hold the valve open and thus increases the time significantly before your battery will need to be recharged.


 Significantly reduces the current to the gas tanks electric outlet valve and thus increase vehicle battery life. ( From 1.2 amp opening operational sequence to approximately 0.07 amp holding open sequence of the gas tank solenoid ) 

 Easy install - Just 5 wires to connect ( see wiring instructions on GAS IT Knowledgebase )

 Proven technology with many years worth of sales

 This Kit includes :

1 X ULCD 2.0 ( PT Number GI-ELE-063 )

1 x Blade Fuse Holder & 2 amp Blade Fuse ( PT Number GI-ELE-062 )

1 x 12V rocker Switch ( GI-ELE-013 )

1 x 0-95 ohm gas tank sender ( GI-ACCS-023 )

1 x 9 LED Gas level contents display ( GI-ACCS-022 )


Please note the GAS IT ULCD will not work with any other make or brand of tank or bottle solenoid or shut off valve.


For full information on how this GAS IT part works and functions plus how to install it, please visit the GAS IT Online Knowledgebase and search for the part number or product description.

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Ultra Low Current Driver ( ULCD 2.0 ) with Rocker switch, Led Display & 0-95 ohm sender

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